Plan your upgrade webinar

To help #nonprofits improve the efficiency of remote workers during #coronavirus stay-at-home mandates, the “Plan your upgrade webinar,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, shows how to discover everything you need to facilitate a successful upgrade to Microsoft Teams. The workshop explains why a formal plan is crucial for upgrade success, how to identify the steps of the upgrade framework, and how to create and implement an upgrade plan. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

Reduce Costs Infographic

Innovation has supplanted cost savings as the primary driver of cloud migration for many businesses. But moving to the cloud needs to make sense for your bottom line, too. Learn how #Microsoft #Azure offers unique cost savings with this infographic:

Enterprise cloud strategy for nonprofits

The biggest question for nonprofits is changing from “if” you should move to the cloud to “when.” To help you consider the factors, access this e-book to learn how #Microsoft works to make the latest technologies more accessible, affordable, and relevant to your organization.

 Customize Your Home Workspace with a Sit/Stand Desk

Thinking of updating your home office? A sit/stand desk might be a good place to start. Get a rundown on in this video on why you should get a sit/stand desk as well as an ergonomic chair and new tech equipment. Make working remotely even more enjoyable! #WFA #remotework

Getting started with your Microsoft Teams upgrade

Whether your #nonprofit organization is upgrading from the online or on-premises version of Skype for Business to improve the efficiency of remote workers during #coronavirus, “Getting started with your Microsoft Teams upgrade,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, helps make sure you have a successful journey. Find out why you should upgrade, when to upgrade, and how to use the upgrade framework to guide you through the process. #Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

Teams Tools Interactive eBook

Empower your #nonprofit team to do more during #COVID19 by identifying which collaboration tools work best for your organization. The “Teams Tools Interactive eBook,” brought to you by @msftnonprofits, shows you how Microsoft Teams helps employees work together seamlessly and how to foster a new level of creativity and collaboration. Learn how to…

• Communicate without effort
• Increase productivity through system integration
• Customize collaboration features for individual teams
• Work with confidence that information is secure

#Tech4Good #SocialImpact #DigitalTransformation @Microsoft-365 @Office365

New Surface Go 2 for Business

Get everything you want in a business laptop with the new @Surface Go 2: larger and more brilliant touchscreen, performance enhancements, and extended battery life. Check out this fact sheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn more.

ThinkShield Plan of Defense

Smart security with @Lenovo ThinkShield. All it takes is one mistake. A lost device, employees skipping updates that take too long to complete—you’ve seen it happen before. Check out this video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to see how these mistakes can lead to a costly breach—and learn how to prevent them with ThinkShield. #SmarterWithLenovo

New Surface Go 2 for Education

Connect. Inspire. Empower. As classrooms go virtual, the right digital tools have the power to transform and enrich each student’s experience. Versatility and technology to develop future-ready skills are key.

Check out this infographic, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how the Microsoft @Surface Go 2 is the ideal learning companion, helping students balance performance and portability.