Aston Martin – Lenovo Workstations

.@Lenovo drives performance in HPC! Watch this short, highly engaging video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how @astonmartin leverages @Lenovo workstations during every step of the high-end auto production process, from design all the way through manufacture! #SmarterWithLenovo

Security beyond Microsoft products

A security breach is especially threatening for nonprofits because it can put beneficiaries at risk, disrupt operations and services, and expose the organization to liability. It’s never been more crucial to secure your digital estate. Play this video and then connect with Evolution Networks to learn more.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote, work from anywhere—it’s here to stay in some fashion. That’s why you need a safe, reliable virtual desktop that offers you everything the office does—and more! Access this video to learn more about Microsoft #WindowsVirtualDesktop, and contact Evolution Networks for more information.

Day 1 Contract Solution Overview

Rely on #HP print support services! Flexible plans allow you to cover devices that you’ve recently purchased as well as those nearing the end of their service life. Plus, you can set up your print support plan exactly how your business needs it. Learn more in this document, courtesy of Evolution Networks.

Tips to Create a Work-Life Balance in a Pandemic

Are you taking care of yourself while you’re taking care of business working from home? With remote work erasing the physical separation between your office space and your home, a work-life balance can seem even more elusive. From self-care to reducing distractions, this article has some useful tips to help you create a solid work-life balance. #SYNNEX #remoteworktips #WFA

Transforming public service

Get additional security with Surface for Business. Read this flyer, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to find out how to secure and manage devices at the firmware level. For example, IT administrators can disable microphones, USB ports, cameras and SD card slots, and more.

ThinkSmart View Product Tour

Watch this short video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to see ThinkSmart View in action. The personal productivity assistant helps users streamline tasks with Microsoft Teams, manage their meetings, chat with colleagues, and conduct voice or video calls.

Microsoft Surface for federal government

Microsoft Surface—a great choice for governments. Download this infographic, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn what features of the new Surface family are most important for government organizations. Find out about the various features of the Surface family, such as the fact that Windows 10 Pro is standard on all devices, as well as that all devices come with the latest and best in modern cloud deployment plus enterprise-grade modern security.

Just move it to the cloud

How you migrate your data to the cloud depends on many factors, but #Microsoft is here to help. Learn from this blog post about different methods of data migration and which one may be best for you.