Surface Hub 2S flexibility creates opportunity

Read this article, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how new accessories such as the Steelcase Roam mobile stand and APC Charge Mobile Battery make the Surface Hub 2S 100% mobile. Combined with Microsoft Teams, Surface Hub 2S now enables true flexibility and seamless remote collaboration.

Lenovo Workstation Family

The @Lenovo family of workstations. Download this spec sheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to get an inside look at @Lenovo workstations with the power to handle complex workloads—including virtual reality! You’ll find a full range of desktops and laptops capable of handling the diverse needs of your business. This includes single and dual CPU systems along with other powerful features. #SmarterWithLenovo

The Total Economic Impact™ of Microsoft Surface Hub

Get a 3-year ROI of 302% on your remote collaboration tool. Read this report, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn what the total economic impact of the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S is. For example, enterprises that used the Surface Hub 2S saw $10.1M in meeting productivity improvement related to remote attendee management and post-meeting tasks.

Why ProVR – Lenovo Workstations and Varjo

.@Lenovo Enterprise Workstations and ProVR: Solving Business Problems! Imagine a fully immersive VR space in which to create and conceptualize. That’s the kind of technology that @Lenovo workstations deliver. Watch this video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to see how many industries are using VR to solve challenging problems. #SmarterWithLenovo

Windows Virtual Desktop Essentials | Intro and full tour

Is your nonprofit searching for an efficient, productive and secure desktop virtualization solution, especially during this time of increased remote work? Access this video and learn what #WindowsVirtualDesktop offers your organization. Contact Evolution Networks for more information.

Security and Windows Virtual Desktop

In order to optimize #WindowsVirtualDesktop, users need to feel confident in the privacy and security of their data and devices. Access this infographic to learn about the underlying value of WVD, and then contact Evolution Networks for more information.

Modern Cloud

Improve the user experience, enhance data security, simplify management, and reduce overhead costs with #Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop. Get started with a complete, intelligent solution that enhances creativity and collaboration for everyone. Get the latest updates and learn more about Windows Virtual Desktop by subscribing now.