The 4 factors of the new ROI equation

.@Microsoft Surface and the new ROI equation. Surface devices give you the 4 components of this equation: flexibility, security, creativity, and power. Up to 76% of users agree that Surface devices increase satisfaction—and when powered by Microsoft 365, security breaches drop by 50% while remediation costs go down by 80%. Take a look at this brochure, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn more.

Lenovo Workstation Family Spec Sheet

 Designed with customer-driven innovation in mind, @Lenovo focuses on power, performance, and reliability in every ThinkStation and ThinkPad created. Patented technologies and ingenious design help users build smarter solutions for things that matter. Download this spec sheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how. #SmarterWithLenovo

Intelligent, trusted, flexible

How is #Microsoft business analytics and AI secure, compliant, and scalable? How is it intelligent? Access this infographic to see how it’s all of this—and how it works with what you have.

Culture Series | Microsoft Dynamics 356

In today’s uncertain environment, the ability to adapt quickly to change and strengthen engagement with employees and customers is critical to your business success. Watch this three-episode webinar series to get started. 

Why choose .NET?

Using .NET helps you develop high quality applications faster, providing your best performance where it matters. Watch this video series from #Microsoft to learn more about what .NET is and how it can improve your services and response times.

Cost Effective PoE Switches

Looking for solutions that streamline IT operations, enable seamless connectivity and simplify network infrastructure management?

Look no further than TRENDnet #switches. WATCH 👇

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Toolkit: Get started uncovering critical insights with Azure Synapse Analytics

With the Azure Synapse Analytics Toolkit, you’ll discover new ways to quickly pull insights from complex data. Learn how to:

(1) Build data pipelines without writing a single line of code.
(2) Create end-to-end analytics solutions, including Power BI dashboards.
(3) Use Python for ETL, data exploration, prep, and engineering.
(4) Go from a data lake to a data warehouse with one click.

Check it out now!

Why use .NET on Azure?

Empower your organization to drive innovation and growth with #Azure tools. Explore 3 benefits of modernizing your .NET apps on @MicrosoftAzure with this infographic.