Free AccountGuard Offer

Free offer to learn more about #Microsoft AccountGuard! This link, courtesy of Evolution Networks, lets you sign up for a webcast that shows nonprofits how AccountGuard can help you on your security journey so that you can focus more on your mission.

Introducing Password Removal for Microsoft Accounts

Remembering passwords is a hassle. Like 👍 this if you agree. With Microsoft Security, you can take your company passwordless today. This blog shows you how to do it by controlling sign-ins with Microsoft’s Authentication app, Windows Hello, a security key and verification codes.

#GoPasswordless #Security

Deliver Personalized Digital Customer Engagement With Dynamics 365

Digital services and technology are critical to businesses looking to exceed customer expectations. What do Microsoft customers use? This blog shows how Dynamics 365 Commerce and Dynamics 365 Marketing help real-world customers deliver engaging, intuitive and user-friendly experiences. Let us know if you’d like to discuss Dynamics 365 solutions with a Evolution Networks Microsoft expert.

Is Cloud Cheaper Than On Prem?

Is cloud storage cheaper than on-premises storage? Watch this #Google video, courtesy of Evolution Networks, to learn about factors—such as scalability—that can make the cloud a more affordable solution for businesses.

Reimagining the future of work with Microsoft Surface

This flyer, brought to you by Evolution Networks, explains how @Microsoft #Surface devices optimize the software and cloud solutions you rely on by providing a scalable, secure, and innovative environment that promotes greater accomplishment.

You Have a Mission. TechSoup Courses Can Get You There

You have a mission. TechSoup courses by #Microsoft, including Creating an Engaging Virtual Event, Meeting, or Conference and Data Analytics for Nonprofits, can get you there. Learn more—visit this web page, courtesy of Evolution Networks.