Heineken Creates the Flexibility it Needs to “Brew a Better World”

Are you looking for a highly responsive management model that’s supported by real-time information detection in a Zero Trust environment? Heineken found exactly this, blending security with the agility they were looking for with @Microsoft Security solutions.

Read the blog for details and reach out to a Evolution Networks @Microsoft Security solutions expert to discuss next steps.

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How to get up and running quickly with Microsoft Surface

Not every employee has the same needs. This infographic, brought to you by Evolution Networks, provides a decision tree that helps you choose the right #Microsoft Surface device for each employee—and save time with smart, secure deployment options.

Exploros Social Studies

Exploros Social Studies on @Lenovo devices improves test scores! More than 19,000 students in 29 districts saw an average 29% improvement. It’s a teacher-guided, engaging learning experience that offers face to face learning, remote, or a mixture of both. Check out this datasheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn about Exploros Social Studies.

Introducing the new Surface Laptop Go

Make it easy for your employees to make the most of every day. Watch this short video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how your organization can benefit from the #Microsoft Surface Laptop Go.

Exploros ELA

Lenovo educational software: Exploros for ELA! Exploros on @Lenovo devices provides a teacher-guided, social environment for ELA instruction. These courses are designed to build foundational skills, improve understanding of literary elements, foster better writing skills, and more. This datasheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, shows you the details.

FCC VoIP Consumer Guide

The rise of VoIP: FCC consumer guide! Evolution Networks recommends that you check out this document before adopting VoIP so that you can learn what to look for when choosing a provider, how to get set up, and how it all works. ☎️

Infographic — Cloud Impact

Is your organization investing enough time, money and resources into fulfilling core business strategies Download the @Microsoft Dynamics 365 Infographic and then get in touch for a one-on-one walk through from a Microsoft Dynamics 365 expert at Evolution Networks.