Surface Pro 7+ for Education HED

Creating engaging learning environments with the #Microsoft #Surface Pro 7+. It’s the perfect device to support remote learning. It’s flexible enough to be used in laptop, tablet, studio, or desktop mode—plus it offers smart features like the Surface Pen to make learning easier and more fun. This datasheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, has the details.

WeVideo Remote Learning Resources

WeVideo has the support you need to implement blended learning. There are no crash courses here! Webinars, the Academy, an Educator Guide, and more are available to help you navigate blended learning and learn how to use WeVideo. Visit this web link, courtesy of Evolution Networks, for access to these resources.

Security is Only as Good as Your Weakest Link

A recent study revealed that 50% of people admit to letting family and friends use their work-issued device. Read the blog for more insight 💡 on the “human factor” as the weakest link in security and contact a Evolution Networks @Microsoft Security expert for a deeper dive.


Surface Pro 7+for Education ITDM

Surface Pro 7+ for education! The #Microsoft #Surface Pro 7+ is just what learners and IT administrators need: a powerful, flexible device with built-in security. Learn more with this datasheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks.

WeVideo Blended Learning

Introducing WeVideo for blended learning! Education technology is evolving rapidly to meet the needs of students learning at home and in the classroom. WeVideo is here to make blended learning easier. Learn more in this eBook, courtesy of Evolution Networks.

The Essential Guide for Setting Up a Hybrid Workspace

#Cisco hybrid work for SMB: An essential guide. Creating a hybrid work environment requires several key considerations. How will you keep your hybrid environment secure and connected? Evolution Networks invites you to use this document to develop the right strategy. ✔