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Are you looking for a new level of data agility in these transformative times? Let us share with you our thoughts on @Microsoft #Azure Arc and how we can support your hybrid infrastructure.

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Work from anywhere with comfort and reliability 

Work from anywhere with comfort and reliability. This datasheet, brought to you by Evolution Networks, describes the various accessories certified for #Microsoft Teams—including Microsoft Surface Headphones 2+, Microsoft Modern Webcam, Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker, Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset, and Microsoft Modern USB Headset. It also provides the technical specifications for each product as well as information about their warranties.

Lenovo Premier Support 

@Lenovo Premier Support! Let Lenovo handle tech support to help free up your IT team for strategic efforts. @Lenovo Premier Support offers dedicated call center support, hardware, OEM and software support, a single point of contact for end-to-end case management, and more. Download this flyer, courtesy of Evolution Networks, for additional details. Work #SmarterWithLenovo  

Is Your Organization Ready for the Hybrid Learning Challenge?

How to prepare your organization for the hybrid learning challenge. Evolution Networks recommends this blog, which looks at the challenges that come with hybrid learning and how you can work through them. ✔ One of the keys? Assessing how students learn differently in hybrid environments versus in-classroom.

Lenovo Premier Support Difference

@Lenovo Premier Support. Eliminate tech support hassles with dedicated, efficient customer service! Instead of listening to a series of scripted responses, work with elite engineers and local professionals to troubleshoot your tech issues. Watch this video, courtesy of Evolution Networks, to learn how Premier Support helps you work #SmarterWithLenovo

Disruptions + Opportunities: Key Lessons from the Spring of 2020

What are the challenges of hybrid learning? Evolution Networks invites you to check out this white paper, which examines those challenges and offers insights on how schools can more easily make the transition. 👨‍🎓🤝👩‍🏫 One interesting finding was that schools that had previously made key tech decisions saw more success making the transition to remote learning.

Prosegur Boost Security, Eases Management of Servers at Scale with Azure Arc

Security company, Prosegur, deserves a 👏for boosting security and easing server management at scale with @Microsoft Azure Arc — with a projected 10x savings in effort AND cost! Get the story, and like this post if you’d like to learn how Evolution Networks can help you save time and costs.


Free Cloud Migration Assessment

Cloud migration doesn’t happen by pushing a magic button. Schedule a free cloud migration assessment with a @Microsoft Azure expert from Evolution Networks to evaluate system readiness and discuss strategy.

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