Mercy Hospice 

See how Mercy Hospice in New Zealand saved time, effort, and money by adopting #Microsoft Teams—resulting in more and better care for patients. Read this case study, brought to you by Evolution Networks.

Key Insights: Distance Learning’s Impact on Education IT

Distance learning creates IT challenges that schools must overcome. #Lenovo presents key findings from a report by Absolute highlighting the ways school IT teams have had to adapt to facilitate remote learning. Check out this infographic, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn more.

Business Trends to Keep Top of Mind in 2022

Learn about business trends to keep top of mind and get pointers to position your SMB for success in 2022. Evolution Networks suggest reading this thought leadership article.

A modern workplace needs modern security

A modern workplace needs modern security. This flyer, brought to you by Evolution Networks, explains that to protect endpoints, you need to take a layered security approach from the firmware to the cloud—and across all phases of the lifecycle. It also contains a link to more information about securing endpoints with #Microsoft Surface.

Distance Learning’s Impact on Education IT

What is distance learning’s impact on education IT? There have been many impacts, including an increased need to manage and secure endpoint devices, rollouts of collaborative and remote device management apps, and much more. #Lenovo shares a report created by Absolute featuring insights into the change sweeping educational IT. Here is the full report, brought to you by Evolution Networks.

The Future of Work

Discover the challenges and opportunities of the modern SMB workplace. Evolution Networks recommends downloading this interactive infographic. Hover over the segments of the circle to see what’s next in workplace evolution.

Cloud Migration Cost Assessment

Cost optimization in Azure can be a complicated process. A @Microsoft partner, Evolution Networks uses lessons learned from successful Azure cost-optimization journeys to help our customers simplify the path. Receive a free Cloud Migration Cost Assessment when you schedule direct.

Lenovo VR Classroom 2 – Solution Overview – Higher Education

Get a complete solution for teaching with VR. Watch this video, courtesy of Evolution Networks, for an overview of #Lenovo VR Classroom 2, which provides a seamless combination of hardware, content and device management, and support designed for higher education.