Cloud Architecture Assessment

Reduce risk and make your organization’s move to the cloud more efficient. A @Microsoft partner, book a free Cloud Architecture Assessment from the experts at Evolution Networks.

Empower Your Frontline Workers with Surface Devices

Which #Surface is right for retail? We have a couple of recommendations that you can use for contactless shopping, collecting signatures, and more. Surface Pro 7+ is your go-to 2-in-1, and for a tablet, the Surface Go 2 will interest you. Check them out in this document, courtesy of Evolution Networks.

OmniSci: Instant, Powerful, & Effortless

Watch this video, courtesy of Evolution Networks, to see that through close partnership with industry-leading AI and data science software providers like OmniSci, #Lenovo workstations empower AI practitioners and business analysts to interactively query, visualize, and explore data science workstreams that feature billions of records in mere milliseconds.

Navigate a New Retail Environment with Surface

Navigate a new retail environment with #Surface! The demand for contactless shopping and self-checkout is growing—and Microsoft Surface devices are perfect to help you implement these things. Check out this flyer, courtesy of Evolution Networks, to learn more.

AI Workstations for Data Science

Meet the powerful #Lenovo ThinkStation P520 and the ThinkStation P920—the ultimate AI data science workstation! Read this solution brief, courtesy of Evolution Networks, to learn more about these devices, which are built on the world’s most advanced NVIDIA RTX™ professional GPUs and can deliver up to 96GB of GPU—which is perfect for accelerating AI, ML, and deep learning workflows.

The future of video conferencing

The future of video conferencing—with #Cisco Webex. The modern conference room is a virtual one, and Webex makes it easy to get set up! Evolution Networks recommends checking out this eBook to learn more. ✔

Cloud Cost Audit

A cloud cost audit can help you save money and streamline processes. Schedule a free cloud cost audit meeting with an expert at Evolution Networks.

Empower your frontline workers with Surface devices

Empower your frontline workers with #Microsoft Surface devices. Read this solution brief, brought to you by Evolution Networks, for an overview of the most important features of the Surface Pro 7+, Surface Laptop Go, and Surface Go 2.