3 ways you can ensure secure, productive remote work for your nonprofit

Secure work is productive work. With the right technology approach, you can protect data, devices, and applications, minimize the impact of security on your staff, and simplify IT. Access this infographic to learn three ways to ensure secure and productive remote work for your nonprofit. Contact Evolution Networks for more information.

ThinkShield Plan of Defense Employee Mistake

Fifty percent of corporate security breaches originate from employee carelessness. Watch this video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how ThinkShield prevents human error and closes security blind spots, intelligently identifying risks and patching vulnerabilities. Find out how ThinkShield can block malware, restore corrupted firmware, and encrypt drives so that lost devices aren’t of any use to thieves.

Empower IT and data professionals to achieve more with all their data 

If you are looking for high-level methodology for planning, preparing, and executing a successful migration of an existing legacy data warehouse system to Azure Synapse Analytics, then this guide is a must. Access it now for a practical overview to help with your migration planning and project scoping. Reach out to Evolution Networks for even more information.

Microsoft Surface Security: Chip to Cloud Protection

@Surface security gives you protection everywhere. Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 features combine with firmware unique to these laptops in order to create a digital work environment that protects against modern security threats. Take a look at this infographic, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how @Surface 3 laptops help workers keep data secure no matter where they choose to work.

Securing your remote workers

Nonprofits are shifting to virtual interactions as a way to keep their organizations safe and continue to accelerate their mission during the pandemic. Security is always a primary goal, and with this new way of working, it’s more important than ever. This guide aims to show how you can use your existing Microsoft 365 investment to secure your organization where it needs it most.

Lenovo ThinkShield Solutions Guide

.@Lenovo ThinkShield protecting your business! Security shouldn’t get in the way of productivity—but with lengthy updates, workers sometimes take shortcuts to prevent lost time. ThinkShield is a suite of devices and services designed with both people and IT security in mind. Take a look at this solution brief, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to learn how @Lenovo ThinkShield makes it easy to safeguard your business against costly breaches. #SmarterWithLenovo

Building the AI-Powered Organization

“The time seems ripe for companies to capitalize on AI. Indeed, we estimate that AI will add $13 trillion to the global economy over the next decade,” states a Harvard Business Review article. Despite the promise of AI, many organizations’ efforts with it are falling short. Access this article to find out why—and what you can do to set up your AI projects for success. The current research might surprise you. Contact Evolution Networks for more information.

Windows Virtual Desktop Solution Overview

Get all the tools and resources you need to migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure at your own pace, with confidence. Learn how Windows Virtual Desktop expands capabilities with the best virtualized end-user experience in the video below.

Why AMD?

AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors provide better overall user experience and value, offering robust battery life for long-lasting productivity. They also provide built-in security at the silicon level, as they’re powered by AMD GuardMI technology to protect against data theft in the event a laptop is stolen. And with blazing-fast clock speeds and high CPU core density, they’re the ideal choice for even the most demanding enterprise users. Watch this video, brought to you by Evolution Networks, to see the benefits of AMD Ryzen PRO CPUs.